• What is DoItInPerson.com?

  • DoItInPerson.com is an online event platform that allows people to create, manage and promote events and communities. We bring all of the fragmented pieces of the event space together; from creating and managing your community, sending newsletters, booking speakers, selling tickets, adding sponsors to managing partnerships. We believe that events have relevance and meaning; you do not just attend an event; you experience a community.

  • How is DoItInPerson.com different than other event sites?

  • While most other event sites focus on a part of the event process, DoItInPerson.com allows organizers to consolidate all of the various components of the community and event management process into one integrated platform to not only simplify the process and save the organizer time, but to access data on how each of the pieces of the event interact with each other. This data will empower organizers to make better decisions when planning their events to make their events more meaningful and relevant to their target audience. 

  • What is the cost to use DoItInPerson.com?

  • DoItInPerson.com is free for all communities, organizations, speakers and users. The only costs associated with the site are fees for ticketing which the event organizer can choose to absorb or pass on to the ticket buyer.

    Down the road, we may introduce premium versions of various features of the website that will have a small monthly fee but there will always be a free version and option available for all users.

  • How do you calculate the ticketing fee?

  • Organizers can receive their payments via credit card payment or via Paypal.

    For credit card payments, the fee is made up of 2 parts:

    Service fee: $0.99 + 2.5% of the ticket price, up to a maximum of $9.95 per ticket and the Credit card handling fee: 3% of ticket cost

    Organizers have the option of passing these fees on, absorbing them into the ticket price or passing on one of the fees and absorbing the other. For payments made to an organizer through Paypal, only the service fee will be charged and the organizer will pay Paypal whatever fee Paypal charges for a transaction.

  • What if the event is free?

  • While you still need to create tickets to have people register, if there is no charge for the event, there is no fee charged to the organizer or ticket purchasers.

  • When does the event organizer get paid for their tickets sold?

  • Organizers who use credit card payments will have a check mailed to them at the address provided 5 days after the event concludes. This payment will be for the price of the tickets less any fees payable to DoItInPerson.com. Organizers will be able to see the payment history and amount due to them from the organizer dashboard in their profile.

  • Is there a way for the organizer to get paid sooner?

  • Organizers who wish to get their money sooner can elect to receive their money via Paypal. Users who purchase tickets will be redirected to Paypal and pay the organizer directly. The funds will be deposited in the organizers account subject to Paypal’s payment deposit policies.

  • How will DoItInPerson.com collect service fees from organizers who use Paypal?

  • DoItInPerson.com will invoice organizers who collected payments via Paypal for all applicable ticketing fees collected during the month on the 5th day of the following month (for example, February 5th for all fees collected in January). Payment will be due within 10 days of the invoice or will be subject to a late fee of 10%.