6th Annual Love Actually: Short Films about Sex, Love and Romance

brought to you by SCENEPR!

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Showbiz Store & Cafe

19 West 21st Street, New York, New York, United States

6th Annual Love Actually: Short Films about Love, Sex, and Romance

Love Actually is a critically acclaimed annual short film screening event, hosted by SCENEPR! on Valentines Day each year. Love Actually features films from around the globe and all genre of short film. TICKETS NOW ON SALE for the Sixth Annual event, Valentines Day 2013. Picked by Going.com, Timeout New York, Freenyc and NYMag as cool Valentine’s Day event for singles and couples!! GET TICKETS NOW for the film event that Dr. Ruth.com calls a “Cinematic Orgy!” Come be part of this growing annual event for film & romance!

Couples who come will receive a pair of SCENEPR! T-Shirts!*
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* Lineup is subject to change

After the Torment

After the Torment (12:18)

Dir: Gerald Keyser & Adam J. Boyer

3 Short Films about Virginity

Three Short Films about Virginity (17:44)

Dir: David T. Ketteter
One man struggles with suit envy, another can’t kiss with his eyes closed, and a third must reconcile the stories he’s heard with the friendship he already has.

Girls Who Smoke

Girls Who Smoke (14:54)

Dir: Tawny Foskett
Girls Who Smoke is adapted from a Moth story that played on public radio’s This American Life and is about two women, both with bad boyfriends and bad habits, who connect over a pack of cigarettes.

How to Break Up with Your Mother

How to Break Up with Your Mother (18:00)

Dir: Lawrence Zoeller

Una Flor en Recepcion

Una Flor en Recepcion [a Flower at the Reception] (19:59)

Dir: Maria Parreno
Two hours with a stranger. A bittersweet loving story. An everyday reality which is fed on censored fantasies. Lack of communication. A deal. And finally, a flower, the lie that will join them forever.

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